Mobile Billboards

I'm not sure if it's because of the business I'm in but, I notice a lot of businesses or side gigs driving around in a vehicle or van that is completely blank.  As a graphic designer, I see a clean canvas just waiting to have a business name plastered all over it.  

I notice empty vehicles, most people will turn their head to check out a vehicle with a business name on it.  Why wouldn't you want people seeing your business name when you run into town at 6pm for snacks.  The more often your business brand is put in front of eyeballs, the better the chance they will have remembering YOU the next time they need a service or product you offer.  In the business, this is often called "top of mind awareness" and it works.  I know, I know.... lettering your ride is expensive I hear most people say.  This can be true, but also can be done inexpensive as well.  Adding your business logo and phone number to the driver and passenger door of your vehicle can cost $150 or less.  This is a good start and well worth it.  Graphics, half wraps, and complete wraps are more costly, but they also gather more attention and in business, that's what you are selling.  Where is everyone's attention at.  

A good example of this is my vehicle.  I don't have much time to take away from customers to wrap my own vehicle although I would love to do that, but I do have KBD Apparel decals on both side windows of my truck.  I have gotten out of my truck at a gas station numerous times and been asked "hey, do you make t-shirts?". Well yes I do and here we go, a sales lead.  

We turn humans into walking billboards with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel.  We also turn vehicles into mobile billboards.  Every time you park somewhere or go somewhere, someone is taking note of your services when they see that brand on your ride.  Where ever you live, check into your local vinyl graphics business and see what it costs to start small.  If there isn't one near by, get an email to me and I can ship you some decals and give you instruction on how to install it yourself.