Tangible Marketing Products, the Best Bang for your Buck

I have been in the apparel business for 5 years now... Before this I was in the Radio Advertising business (not the owner).  I rack my brain everyday as to why more and more businesses don't purchase t-shirts, apparel, or 6" window decals in place of some of their radio or print ads and hand them out to customers.  Who doesn't love a free t-shirt?  

People will take free t-shirts no matter what is on them and wear them over and over and over again until they are full of holes and then they turn into rags.  This world is going completely digital and not many folks are listening to regular radio anymore.  Podcasts and apps are taking over where you don't have to be politically correct.  Instead of buying that billboard for Thousands of dollars in 2019, take that same money and purchase t-shirts from who ever is your local screen printer.  Hand them out to good customers and new customers... throw them out at parades and use them as discount cards.  If someone shows up wearing your brand tee, give them 10% off.  

Radio does still work but not nearly as effective as in the past.  If you do still use radio, use those ads to work together with your social media and t-shirts to help ramp everything up.  

If you have a very colorful logo, a good graphic designer can make your logo a one color logo so it still is easily recognizable, and still looks great.  My compay, KBD Apparel, offers special pricing on one color one side prints... we call them promotional tee's.  I'm not sure what the screen printers in your area charge but for around $5-$6 per shirt you can get these promotional tee's for less than the price of a single radio or print ad and someone is going to wear that shirt out in front of thousands of eye balls time and time again.

The next time you are looking at your budget, think about tangible advertising with t-shirts or vinyl graphics instead of investing your hard earned $$$ in air.